A Women’s Secret

A Women’s Secret

Secret of women

The brand of arranged rums, Rhum&Sens, represents a story of women. They are 3 in number:

My great-grandmother Joséphine, known as “ManFia”, who was a servant at the Bally plantation.


My grandmother Juliana, shopkeeper


My Aunt Monette

The Rhum&Sens brand targets women and uses 3 fruits with particular useful flavors for a thoughtful and dosed preparation of cocktails, adapted to their palates.

A Mayan symbol

The brand is unique and uses a feminine concept:

  • its own Creole know-how according to the habits and customs of Creole gastronomy to make arranged rums for ready-to-drink cocktails.
  • a particular know-how thanks to the use of ripe and quality fruits, fruits of special varieties
  • a female concept related to 3 women, 3 different stories , 3 fruits and the number 3

Indeed, three fruits are used to prepare these cocktails because the number 3 is a sacred number for women among the Mayas. This number expresses the whole woman, the plenitude, the totality. Hence a clever blend of 3 tasty fruits, giving a complete and pleasant drink. This allows you to concoct magnificent cocktails.

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