How to make an arranged rum: quite an art?

How to make an arranged rum: quite an art?

Prepare a flavored rum great art and a lot of patience especially during the maceration.

However, each island has its own recipe, you can use:

a white rum, agricultural or traditional, a sugar syrup with or without fruit , whole or mixed fruit , spices: cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg

The term rum arranged is a Creole term to differentiate from white rum because it was quite difficult to drink it, especially pure. We modified it by adding fruits, sugars, spices, in a way we arranged it.

Arranged rum is drunk during an aperitif, digestive or currently during a meal as an accompaniment to cheese or a succulent dessert.

The important thing is that it is to your liking and easy to drink.

Rum&Sense created in 2014 is a brand of rums dedicated to women.

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