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Arranged rum Ti-punch for L


Are you looking for a good Ti-punch ready for you or your friends, for an aperitif or to offer? Come and discover our range of arranged rum

You want a good Ti-punch ready to taste, neither too strong nor too sweet. Or to make your own cocktail recipes? You’re on the right page !

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This Ti-punch for L, ready to taste now, is an exclusive Rhum&Sens product because it is handcrafted by a woman, using white agricultural rum from Martinique.
“Every emotion has a meaning!”, – JP Sartre,

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Impress your friends by concocting delicious cocktails with Rhum & Sens arranged rums.

Ti-punch for L arranged rum brings out flavors of lime, agricultural rum and cane sugar.

Do not hesitate to take a look at our recipe page: how to make an express mojito or daiquiri (by Rhum&Sens) using our Ti-punch for L voucher.



Live a great experience by buying Rhums&Sens, Ti-punch for L

Indeed, this Ti-punch is made in France in an artisanal way according to the West Indian tradition, based on agricultural rum from the West Indies, lime and cane sugar. Packaging: 50 cl; 25% alcohol.

This Ti-punch for L can be drunk chilled, with ice cubes or plain.

Come and try our recipes on http://www.rhum-and-sens.com/les-recettes-cocktails

A whole ancestral and artisanal know-how in our bottles of arranged rums.

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