Rhum&Sens by Masters or Rum

Rhum&Sens by Masters or Rum

Analysis of Rhum&Sens

Alexandre, founder of Masters of Rum

Flavor Creator

Here is one of the good surprises of this end of the year…the flavored cocktails of the house “RHUM & SENS”…A variation of 5 flavors, without coloring, flavorings or added sugar…Made from agricultural rum and selected fruits… Guaranteed seduction for your festive or evening tables! To drink, however, very fresh… A perfect balance between fruit and rum…

For my part, I regret the presence of fruit grains, which certainly allows to be on a natural product… But by my profession, filtering is necessary, to perfect this drink, (this is only my personal opinion ) … small crush, for the planter, who keeps all his promises and who is far above the product on the mm theme sold, everywhere ….

On the nose: sour fruits and rum

On the palate: power of rum, then the delicacy of fruits (and grains), velvety side of tropical fruits final: fruity and sweet, pleasant sensation…

Created in 2014, Rhum&Sens is a rum brand dedicated to women. Appealing to the 5 senses, the brand highlights new flavors for them.

15 euros approximately (50cl)

A whole set of islands brought together, reflecting a mix, a polycultural mix in a single brand.

Rum&Sense created in 2014 is a brand of rums dedicated to women.

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