the cocktails part I

the cocktails part I

A cocktail is a drink made up of 2 or more ingredients, prepared in a shaker or stirred with a stirrer, served over ice, with fruit, syrup to add color, flavor and give a nice visual effect.

The cocktail can be drunk before or after a meal (as a cognac-style digestive or as a cream/liqueur) but also at any time of the day or night.
In general, all cocktails have an alcohol base. The top 5 are vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and brandy. Currently, there are alcohol-free ones with a lemonade, tea or coffee soda base.

The most suitable for the preparation of fruit drinks are rum and brandy. Both are renowned as hard liquor and provide an ideal base for mixed fruit. Rum is perhaps the most obvious of the 2 to use because it comes from the Caribbean Islands or South American countries well known for the flavor of their tropical fruits and their delicious drinks such as piña colada or planteur. Additionally, rum comes in white, amber, and dark alcohol varieties, so it can be used for a wide range of different cocktails .

The garnish or decoration of a cocktail counts and is personalized. Each bartender has his personal touch and offers a wonderful opportunity to create, invent cocktails. Although there are no rules for toppings (slices of orange or lemon wedge, a cherry on a stick are the most frequently used toppings), the availability of exotic fruits (kumquats, mangoes and physalis) offer many more possible variations. Now there are so many different types of decoration, even the simplest cocktail can be turned into a stunning creation.

So let your imagination run wild!

Rum&Sense created in 2014 is a brand of rums dedicated to women.

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