The rums of my desires

The rums of my desires

We are in September and the start of the school year has passed. The cold sets in and I suddenly take to drinking rum. But which rums?

I rather favor white agricultural rums (Antilles and French Guiana) due to my origins. In a cocktail in the form of a ti-punch. Just smelling the smell brings back a multitude of memories from my summer vacation. Otherwise,I have no preference on brands.

Depending on my mood, I admit to enjoying a glass of white cachaça with a zest of lime and sometimes accompanied by a piece of very ripe pineapple.

However, a brand of rum seduced me and left its mark on my palate, it is an old rum and I prefer not to mention the brand . I will always remember its taste of praline mixed with caramel and melting chocolate. A real delight!

Once my Rhum&Sens brand is well established, I would be happy to have partnerships with rum and cachaça brands, of course!

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