Which rums to make the best arranged rums

Which rums to make the best arranged rums

As the term arranged rum is a Reunionese term, let’s honor the rums of the island of Reunion (and that of Mauritius), the traditional white rum. There is also agricultural rum but I prefer to mention it below.

If you want a typical or even traditional arranged rum: Reunionese white rums now have their specificity, less tough than before, they bring flexibility and a characteristic taste thanks to their new process method.

Agricultural rum : widely used for cocktails, rum arranged with white agricultural rum is neither more nor less called punch or “country” punch (péyi in Creole). Sweetened with sugar syrup, it brings texture, flavors and a remarkable fragrance.

The Cuban type light rum : ideal for beginners in arranged rum because it is very appreciated by its low alcohol content.

Le Rhum Grand Arome : very fragrant rum, I use it to make spiced rum.

Navy or Spanish Rum : also fragrant, they are mostly brown (some of which are ideal for making spiced rums). But you can use their white rums to prepare arranged rums.

La Cachaça : Brazilian rum, sweet on the palate with citrus notes, can be used to make arranged rums. There are already brands that do it with fruits from the country. These arranged rums called caipifruta or licor

A nod to Rum from Asian countries : equivalent to agricultural rum with herbaceous and citrus notes can also be used to make flavored rums.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation !

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