Why Rhum&Sens?

Why Rhum&Sens?

Smell the smell of plant perfumes, the smell of fresh grass, hot sugar.

Discovering the amused atmosphere, the laughs, the jokes, the party with friends, that’s what I saw when my father invited his friends for an aperitif or for dinner at home.

The drink that came up often was agricultural rum (which I later learned the difference) from Martinique, the word 5O°c often came back to the mouths of these gentlemen. And one day, I saw a woman arrive, she took her place in the hands of my father who exclaimed: this is Martinique! She was pretty with her smile and her madras headdress, a beautiful Martinican. And that was my first click : I would look like him one day!

The second click happened when I was a wine sommelier. I was looking for a product that looked like me, unique and elegant, that I was comfortable with and could sell it without worry. The only representative drink was rum.

The 3 rd trigger was during a “braisntorming” meeting between girls with Geneviève and Gaëlle. We spent hours and hours in a restaurant talking and then it came into the mouth of Geneviève who pronounced: “Rhum&Sens”. It’s totally you, he looks like you!.
And then it all made sense…

Rhum&Sens the rum brand born from a woman, created by a woman for women.

Rum&Sense created in 2014 is a brand of rums dedicated to women.

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